FAQ on t4mgoldcoast.com

General Questions

Is this website something for me?

Would you like online erotic contact and are you looking for more excitement? Then t4mgoldcoast.com is something for you. Registration is free and you can try the first messages for free. If you don't like it, you delete your account very easy.

Is my privacy well protected?

All data that you entrust to us is protected. They cannot be misused by others in any way. Other users are not capable of viewing your private data.

What data do you process?

More information can be found in our privacy policy. For an optimal service it is necessary to process your personal data.

I did not receive the confirmation email?

Please check your spam box. If you did not receive the confirmation email, you will find the option to resend the email on the homepage.

What are credits?

With credits you can send messages, flirts and photos. You can find more information on our price page.

Why do I receive a limited number of matches?

You receive a limited number of matches per day, depending on how far you have completed your profile. Receive better matching matches? Then complete your profile.

How do I delete my profile?

On the contact page you will find the option to delete your profile. Your profile will be deleted immediately. Remember that deleting a profile is final: matches, messages and any credits are lost.

How do I request my password?

You will find the option to request your password in the menu next to the sign in button.

How do I report discrimination, violence, underage, abuse or behavior contrary to morality?

Contact us directly via the contact form on the contact page. We take action as soon as possible.

Are all profiles on t4mgoldcoast.com real?

No t4mgoldcoast.com uses fictional profiles that have the purpose of flirting with users. Physical contact with these profiles is not possible.

How can I recognize fictional profiles?

Fictional profiles have an User person_pin icon on their profile page.

How can I turn t4mgoldcoast.com emails on or off?

These are set as standard so that you are immediately informed of your new matches and new messages. If you want to receive fewer messages, you can adjust that in your profile. It is also possible to disable the email service.

What is an access ban?

With an access ban your email and ip address will be blocked, as a result of which you can no longer use our services. This is for your safety. You can request an access ban via the contact page.